Meet Rai – 2019 McPhie Bursary Award

We are so pleased to introduce you to the 2019 recipient of the McPhie Bursary Award.

Since the first day of Rai’s involvement with the Halton Children’s Aid Society he has impressed his worker with a formidable and intelligent ability to overcome significant challenges in his life.

Even amidst family crisis, struggles with his educational facility and his own identity it was amazingly clear that Rai’s primary focus was his educational goals. Crystal clear.

As Rai was entering the final year of high school he found himself juggling many of life’s challenges, far too many for one so young. The school staff and his worker were very concerned about how he would manage due to all the stressors in his life; this was someone who couldn’t be allowed to drop out.

Of course, that worry was soon dispelled when they realized just how driven Rai is. He had set himself goals and he was determined to meet them.

During his last year of high school Rai participated in several extra curricular activities within his school, won several awards, a Scholarship, and the admiration of the school staff.  At the Society office he also became an active member of the YouthSAID Program, helping his peers to cope with similar challenges he had faced. He also travelled to Ecuador through the ME To WE program and was Master of Ceremonies for the Halton CAS Annual General meeting. He knocked his last year of high school out of the park!

Rai applied to several Universities and was accepted to each one.  He chose Trent University where he will begin his journey to become a Criminal Lawyer.

Rai is resourceful, resilient, determined, caring, and personable.

We are all in awe of Rai’s wonderful accomplishments, he is a well deserving recipient of the McPhie Award and we wish him the very best of luck on this amazing path to more success.

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