Currency for Kids

It is estimated that over $2 Billion in foreign currency is currently stockpiled in Canadian homes and businesses and found in bags, boxes, envelopes, tea cups, jars and desk drawers across the country, never to be used.  But wait … did you know that currency from travel and vacations can be donated to Currency for Kids (CFK) and help fund vital programs for vulnerable and marginalized children and youth? Many coins from other countries have a similar look as Canadian coins; they have no real value in Canada but once donated, foreign coins and notes can be put to work in our community!

Currency for Kids (CFK) program is easy to support as an individual, business or with a group of volunteers… it’s simple!  Look around your home or business and collect any foreign currency, it then can be mailed or dropped off at our office.
You can also help grow the program by becoming a host and place a ‘collector bin’ at your service club, church, school or place of business.  Invite customers, clients, friends, colleagues and family to support your efforts by placing their unused foreign currency in your collector bin.

As well, Currency for Kids recycles and reduces waste by keeping foreign currency out of our landfills and helps to keep our environment safer.

Most importantly, you would be helping to provide life changing opportunities for vulnerable children and youth.


To become a CFK host and for more information please contact Lisa at or call 905-333-4441 ext. 0724

CFK donations can be dropped off or mailed to:

Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton
1445 Norjohn Court, Unit #1
Burlington Ontario
L7L 0E6

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