Rani – 2021 Elizabeth Interiors Award

Rani was chosen as the recipient of this award for a number of reasons. Firstly in recognition of the many years she has spent learning, coping and accepting her medical condition, Type 1 Diabetes. Through the support of her medical team at McMaster Hospital, school supports and family and friends Rani is doing all she needs to do to keep physically healthy. Struggling with health concerns while being separated from family is hard enough, but Academically Rani has been able to excel at school too, often achieving honour roll marks. Rani is currently enrolled in the Financial Literacy program through FUTURES and is aspiring to attend a post-secondary institution.

Rani has shown amazing resiliency and strength throughout the many changes she has navigated over the last two years. Never complaining Rani is humble, thoughtful, kind and always positive and hopeful. Her number one wish is for her family to be well and whole again. We have heard from many that Rani is a great example of how strong the youth in this community are and that Rani in particular, makes life better for those around her.

Congratulations Rani, we hope all your wishes come true!

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